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We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 4th International Conference on Water Economics, Statistics, and Finance 26 to 28 April, 2017, jointly organized by the Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics and by the Strategic Asset Management Specialist Group. The conference will be held in parallel with the 3rd IWA Infrastructure Asset Management conference, in the beautiful southern capital of Chile, Santiago.


The conference global theme, “Water Challenges in XXI Century: Role of Economics, Statistics and Finance”, underpins major challenges of sustainable water management, water security, growing water scarcity, decreasing water quality, and increasing frequency of extreme events. These challenges require sustainable water management where water, ecosystems and livelihoods are secured.


Developing a better understanding of the economic value of water security is a priority. A major source of water management problems is the fact that water resources have a high value which has not been fully considered by all water users and explicitly accounted for in water policies, hindering development of effective strategies for solving the water crisis.


There are contradictory calls on data and monitoring. Some say that there is too much monitoring and that it needs to be simplified, while others that there is a lack of adequate data in the water sector for decision making and transparency. Such contradictions complicate efforts to improve water management and secure funding and investment.


In this framework, during the conference, water policy-makers water users of all sectors and scientists and academics, consultants and other water professionals from all over the world are invited to reflect, debate and present state-of-the art oral and poster presentations related to the leading challenges in water management, supply and sanitation, finance and policy, from an economics, statistical, and financial framework.


Also, the organization aims to promote debate on the role of economics, statistics and finance to address water challenges in the XXI century. These discussions will maximize results by involving researchers, practitioners, regulators, policymakers, and educators, and others.


Last but not least, this Conference together with the International Conference on Infrastructure Asset Management will be a key moment to

discuss trends and innovation in, current models of urban and rural water and sanitation management.


This Conference aims to be a think tank that provides a step forward in terms of sustainable water management.


Structure of Sessions


Technical Exhibition

The Conference will be organized in thematic sessions, combining invited speakers and open platform presentations. Invited speakers are responsible for the preparation of a summary state-of-the-art report for each topic, partially based on the papers submitted and accepted.

A Technical Exhibition will be offered as a complement of the oral and poster presentation sessions. Asset Management service providers are invited to participate.

The official language of the conference is English.


Abstract submission:         15 September 2016

Authors’ notification:          21 November 2016

Full paper submission:      14 January 2017


Early bird registration:       31 October 2016

Registration deadline:        14 January 2017

Accommodation deadline: 30 November 2016 


Conference venue: Centro de Extensión,

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago.


For more information about the Conference, 

send a message to:



Please note, we have secured the services of ContactoChile for all logistic matters. For registration, accommodation, and other local help. Please contact Andrea Lagarini or Soledad Varela at: water2017@contactochilecom.cl 

26 to 28 APRIL, 2017


For Abstract Submission, please